July 20, 2011

.let's play a game.

Yesterday, in an effort jazz up a few naked walls by filling some old, empty frames, I began pawing my way through some pictures of my little gals, Boo and Lilo. I found lots of adorable photos, but I was also reminded how similar my two little ladies look. I decided it might be fun to play a round of my new favorite game I just made up: Boo or Lilo!

The rules are simple: I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of Boo and Lilo and you tell me (via a comment on this post), which pictures you think are of Boo and which pictures are of Lilo. Some of the pictures aren't great quality (thanks to our relative poverty and cheap cellphones for that *sigh*), but I think you'll see what I mean about my gals looking like twinners at times. 

I'm interested to see if any of my readers, friends, or family can tell them apart. Some of these are tricky! Even if you know my girls in real life!

Here we go! Time to play...

 {photo one}

 {photo two}

 {photo three}

 {photo four}

 {photo five}

 {photo six}

 {photo seven}

   {photo eight}

 {photo nine}

 {photo ten}

 {photo eleven}

 {photo twelve}

Wanna play? Send me a comment with your best guesses! Winner gets... let's say... homemade cookies and a hug from moi!


Cambria said...

Oh my goodness! This is hard!! Here goes...

1) Lilo
2) Boo
3) Boo
4) Lilo
5) Boo
6) Lilo
7) Lilo
8) Boo
9) Boo
10) Boo
11) Lilo
12) Boo

WOW! Both adorable! I hope I get one right! haha!